Friday, 16 October 2009

Kitsch 'N' Sync

I blame my parents! I was brought up in a household decorated in the epitome of good taste - all neutral shades and dark Victorian furniture. It was only natural I'd rebel and be drawn to the kitscher side of life.

I know it's wrong but I can't resist a bit of brightly coloured, garish tat. No plaster poodle, faux marble lamp or big-eyed child picture is safe from my clutches. Psychedelic Hindu gods, lurid vases and pottery owls peep out at visitors from beyond the Aga and heritage paint. I like to think my collection adds humour and wit to our home.

Does anyone else share my love of the bizarre? Don't be shy and learn to embrace the tackier side of life.
  • Check out eBay's Collectables: Vintage/Retro for inspiration.
  • Tretchikoff and Lynch prints fetch crazy prices so search your relatives lofts and garden sheds. Look out for Gaytime and Taunton ceramics at boot sales and charity shops.
  • Millers Antiques Guides "Collecting the 1950's" and "Collecting the 1960's" are an inspirational read for retro ideas.
  • Don't shy away from cracks, crazing and chips - damaged bits and pieces go for pennies and add a splash of colour to shelves in gloomy corners.

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