Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Belt up!

My stash of thrifted belts

A vintage Escada lion's head belt bought at a boot sale for 10p

A shapeless vintage cardi transformed by the addition of a belt

A belt adds a bit of dash, shaping you and adding to your mood. A good, hardy belt used for practicality is grounding. Over-sized clothing can be made to fit and a belt can go over everything: coat, cardi, shirt, dress or jeans, whether hanging from your hips or nestled, comfortably at the waist. A belt adds shape to larger bosomed girls making a smock top look less tent -like. Big buckled elastic waist-cinching belts act like comfy corsets and don't dig in if you've pigged out during the day.

Even a thrift shop novice should have no trouble finding a belt. Every charity shop has a rack or basket crammed full of belts, often at giveaway prices. Check for damage and discard if there are any DIY holes. Leather belts are generally a better buy. Dull, cracked leather can be treated with leather food. If an elasticated belt is tatty but it has a cool buckle buy it and replace the elastic from a length bought from a haberdashery store.

Belts every girl should look out for:
  • A brown leather belt with a brass buckle to give a hippy vibe to anything.
  • A black leather studded or riveted belt to wear over a ditsy print floaty dress for a rock chick edge.
  • A skinny leather belt tied at the waist to instant transform last year's coat into this season's Chloe-inspired number.
  • A cinch-in elasticated belt with a groovy buckle to make a mundane sweater dress more appealing and individual.


  1. You know I love a good belt! I always wear mine at waist level as I have big hips and boobs and think a nipped in waist balances me perfectly.

  2. wow, that Escada belt is just amazing.
    I have a hard time finding belts that fit my waist,
    any tips for styles that come up especially small?

  3. I have the same problem! Search eBay for a "LEATHER PLASTIC CANVAS STRAP BELT HOLE PUNCH PLIER TOOL" - they're £6.84 incl. postage and let you add holes that look professional. I love vintage belt buckles and add my own wide piece of elastic to fit me.


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