Monday, 19 October 2009

Back To Black

Being a magpie by nature my eyes are drawn to bright hues and vivid shades and black is the last thing I tend to notice when scanning the charity shop shelves and boot sale tables. Having long black hair makes me wary of looking a bit too vampire-like so I keep my black clothing to a bare minimum.
  • A lace 1960's style go-go dress. This often makes an appearance at festivals with my Alexander Henry "Day of The Dead" wellies and some lurid purple tights. It looks vintage but is actually a Monsoon Fusion piece bought in their 2007 sale for £9.
  • Knee-high 1980's era leather boots - handmade in Italy, cost £2 at a car boot sale over 4 years ago. The suede bag was made in Cyprus, it has an attached metallic leather corsage and cost £1. I found the belt in a charity shop.
  • An early Liberty silk scarf in an Indian tree and paisley print inspired by Mughal art. Found at a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago for £2.
  • Vintage black angora beret by Kangol (50p from a car boot sale) displayed on a 1950's cobra-headed plaster lady lamp base.
  • Black kajal - an essential as I rarely leave the house without lashings of black eyeliner. I stock up whenever I'm in India as it costs less than 20p a pot and the packaging is just so retro.


  1. I love the black dress and boots!

  2. Love the dress - it has such a vintage look to it!! LOving the blog, too :)


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