Sunday, 27 November 2011

Not Fair

This is what I would have worn to today's vintage fair if Jon wasn't laid up with man 'flu. 

 The dress is an early present from the fabulous Sarah Misfit. It's not my birthday for another week or so but it was impossible to resist tearing open the parcel when it arrived. There's another fab frock to show you, I just need to tweak it to fit.

I'm a useless nurse. It's been years since I caught a cold and therefore hopeless at empathising with a coughing and sniffling patient. It was weird staying in and sober on a Saturday night, something I don't intend on making a habit of for at least another forty years.

Although I missed having a few beers and a pub lunch I'm not too fussed about foregoing the fair.
 If I'm totally honest vintage shopping loses a lot of the appeal when it's specially selected, pre-sorted and pristine. For me the fun's in unearthing a gem at a jumble sale or a charity shop and fixing any faults myself. Wading through racks and racks of period dresses is downright exhausting. Price aside, for this Vintage Vixen the thrill's all in the chase.

This is just one of my overstuffed wardrobes. The last time I went to this particular event I was hard-pressed to find anything half as colourful, or as cheap, as anything I already own.

I'm off to make the invalid another cup of tea. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Edwardian-style maxi worn with Office velvet platforms and Indian chandelier earrings

See you soon.


Mary Lou said...

oh this velvet platforms are so divine vix!

Little Blue Mouse said...

You could host your own vintage fair with all the wonderful clothes you've got!

Hope Jon feels better soon.

jules said...

aww, I love that outfit Vix!
And I hope your other half gets better soon!


Frocktasia said...

Dearest Vix,
Och, poor Jon, I hope he gets better soon!
It's usually me that gets struck down by "near death" flu in our house but thankfully Mark is the best nurse anybody could possibly wish for.
I get invitations to all-sorts of vintage fairs via Facebook but I've never actually been to one as yet. I'm with you on the whole 'thrill of the chase' thing & somehow I don't think that I'd be able to stomach the vintage fair prices after years of bagging extraordinary car boot sale bargains.
Give Jon a great big 'get well soon' hug from me will ya ;)
Lot's of love,

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Ah the man'flu, may he feel better (and be out of your hair/wig very soon!)

You do suit the Edwardian styling, but then every era suits you!

I do love that particular time, from whence my house dates... I do fancy the idea of a vintage fair but imagine that your kind of fab bargains, Vix, are nowhere to be found there.

Much love for a fantabadozie week (why did I say that word??!) Fhi x

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Ooh, feel better soon, Jon. It's just the weather for it. What a beautiful dress from Sarah and loving the velvet platforms with it. Always love a wardrobe or accessories tallboy shot, it inspires me no end! xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You can't be a worse nurse than me - I'm a heartless wench and every time B's got a sniffle I ask him if I should dial 999 - makes me think of this :

That said, hope Jon's better soon (I'd have probably gone out anyway, if it wasn't for the kids).

Dress is gorgeous on you, Sarah is a star


Daniel said...

You're truly fab dear ! Your closet* is amaze!

*this part of the closet !

Nat said...

Hope John is better soon! You may not be the best nurse but you sure are one of the most elegant :-)
Love your earrings!

señora Allnut said...

wish John get better soon! (obviously, I feel empathy with everybody that caught the flu these days!!)
besos & chicken soup!

Alice said...

I think for me it’s all about the chase, not quite knowing what/if you will find something. Vintage fairs are sadly too predictable.
Hope Jon is feeling better soon xxx

Miss Rayne said...

the trill of the hunt is definately best. Pretty dress and fabulous earrings.

Rebecca said...

Awwww. Sorry! All dressed up and no one to go with. Hope he's getting over his "man flu".

I really like those earrings...and your tweaking resulted in a fabulously-fitted frock!

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-wishing Jon a speedy recovery, you look lovely in this dress, the colour is very flattering on you. Have a great week ahead xxx

Rose&Bird said...

Aww, poor Jon - we all have colds here too, courtesy of Baby Bird! Hope Jon makes a speedy recovery x

Shame you didn't get to the fair, but I agree about losing the thrill of the chase. I usually find fairs too expensive for me anyway. One of my local charity shops has just added a vintage section, although some of the stock is stretching the definition a bit it's not overly expensive. The manager asked me what I thought of it and I said much the same as you about preferring to hunt the bargains myself!

Lovely earrings, where are they from? I have a similar modern pair!

Helga! said...

Poor old Jon!! Yep,I'm well familiar with the manflu!!! Shove a tot of whisly in that tea and leave him to it,I say!!!
LOVE that maxi!!The clolour and style are gorgeous!!!Foxy as with those amazing earrings!!!OOoo,who CAN wait to open pressies?? G has to hide mine well,or I'm into them like a shot,after feigning a lot of disinterest to trick him inot being careless about where he hides them...!!!
I'm not usually too worried these days if I miss a fair,not that we get them very often.I love a good chase too,but am not adverse to rummaging at Two Squirrels to be supportive!
Skype ya later!
Helga xxxXXXxxx

My Vintage Vow said...

Poor Jon, but don't get me started on man flu the Big V has had too many times this year.

Your maxi is just beautiful, but can we talk about your wardrobe? Can I come and live in it please? I don't take up much space really I don't.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Vix !Well! my walk- in is getting like yours overstuffed closet! but soon will more space in the spare room when Mr.D's son leaves, can't wait! Yes and you are right it is all the thrill of the chase! these days i go to the salvation army since the physio is near it and get so excited cause i know i might find something fabulous!

Your dress is spectacular Vix! i love it!

Maybe we could do skype and then you could hear my voice!

Ariane xxxxxx

Anita said...

Poor Jon! When I saw your title in my sidebar, I knew that was what happened. I hope that he is well soon!

I agree with you about the hunt; my favorite pieces are unearthed at yard sales and charity shops.

I haven't been to many big events like your Vintage Fair this year; once the mister's hip is done, we will be able to get around more.

But the small ones are sure to remain my favorite as well!

xo, Anita

Veshoevius said...

Oooh how I'd love a rummage around your overstuffed wardrobes! You look gorgeous in that blouse and skirt and those are very flamenco earrings!

Krista said...

This dress is so precious I love this color on you, something we rarely see. The buttons and ruffles down the front are darling! Sarah is a love! I am staring at my pile of treasure from her for my birthday I just might have to open that right up :)

Your wardrobe is as colorful as you are my dear, a feast for the eyes just like you beauty!

Give Jon a Kristabear hug and tell him I hope he feels better quick.
Love you~


I'm glad staying in doesn't mean you indulge in the dreaded 'duvet day' attire Vix. As if!
That colour is beautiful on you, lovely dress, reminds me of the Marks and Spencer Edwardian Lady diary my mother had in the late eighties.

GET WELL SOON JON, I sympathize!

Alex said...

I can imagine for someone who is as brilliant at tracking down incredibly cheap vintage finds as you, a vintage fair wouldn't be the most interesting place to shop. Lovely stuff, yes, but no chance of finding a bargain. And with wardrobes so chockfull of gorgeous stuff, a weekend off won't hurt ;-)

Joyatri said...

What fabulous hats! Love the maxi. Sometimes, I think that style would look to "sweet" on me, but you pull it off beautifully.

Right you are about the thrill of the hunt. I went to some vintage fairs in London earlier this year and was so bored.

Although I told myself I would hold off from thrifting for a while , today's my birthday, so I am treating myself to a quick forage at the local charity shop.

The Brunette said...

You look so ladylike x

I laughed out loud at your comment on the cat Harry Potter-ed up lol

DearHelenHartman said...

I sense a new holy grail in your bargain hunting... vintage nurse's uniform! Of course you'd 'doctor' it up with your unique style. Here's the last Saturday evening in for another 40 years, and a healthy household as well.

WeShop said...

Aw, poor Jon. I'm loaded with the cold myself so can sympathise! xx

pinktutu72 said...

Poor Jon :( I hope he gets better soon. I adore your outfit today it's so pretty, lovely colors! You're jewelry is always a fav of mine but those earrings are GORGEOUS!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I do hope he feels better soon so you can both get back to normal!

lady liquor vintage. said...

the dress is absolutely gorgeous! my fair was a bit of a bust today too, does my head in people selling new topshop & dorothy perkins passing it off as 'vintage'!


Sara said...

I adore the colours in this outfit :) Really like this outfit, looks amazing !

Alison Cross said...

Oh poor soul - manflu at the weekend! That's bad planning on Jon's part!

Outfit looks FAB - and Happy Birthday when it comes (I'm dreadful at remembering birthdays!)

Ali x

rach_t said...

Aww thats a bummer, poor jon, hope he feels better soon and doesnt pass his lurgy's on to you! I know what u mean about vintage fairs, you get amazing vintage at half the price. But they are nice for a wander and a nose and the people are normally so lovely. Hope you have a wonderful week Vix :)
Ps almost forgot to say how wonderful your outfit is. Vintage gold as always... beautiful!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Wow, your wardrobe is a candy-coloured wonderland! What a lovely birthday present--love the collar and cuffs. Hope your other half is feeling better soon.

Kezzie said...

I was just thinking that this look seemed very Edwardian! Wow, love your hats! Where do you get your heads from? I'd love some to keep hats on!

Roisin Muldoon said...

Poor Jon, I hope he feels better soon! I know what you mean about vintage shops, I feel the same way - and about vintage fairs, really. But I do enjoy poking around in charity shops and jumble sales.

By the way, I love the way you've displayed your handbags - gorgeous!

Ofelia said...

Sarah has mazing taste and you have the perfect figure and as much style as any queen-victoria lady of this era.
Happy Early Birthday; I've being celebrating my birthday and both of my girls birthdays this weekend with lots of sweets and food so I hope that Jon gets better soon and you get to celebrate your birthday in style!
Have a lovely week,

Tomye said...

Great frock! I love the earrings. -T

Katryoshka said...

What a fabulous top, I love slinky bishop sleeves and a high neck but as I still can't get my head aroung ironing I own little of such styles.

Hope you man gets over his fly a s a p, oh how they suffer!! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh, amor, you look FAB in that frock - I'm so glad you like it! The earrings are goooorgeous. Poor Jon, hope he feels better soon. And I totally agree re the thrill of the chase. I love digging through racks of junk to find the one dusty old treasure - it's so much more satisfying than finding someone else's treasure.

Love! Sarah xxx

Louise said...

I am in total envy, not just of your stunning wardrobe but also of your immaculate storage of your hats and bags. I so need to sort out my storage! Xx

Leticia said...

you are a DREAM, Vix! I always fall for your whole outfits! velvet platforms always make me smile. I have the Stevie Nicks muse syndrome for eternity. Just like you have the Cher one, i guess! ;) Plus, that skirt, OMG! if you ever get tired of it, think of me, hahaha. You need to take me shopping with you, doll. beautiful inspiration, AS USUAL! Peace

Charis said...

Love your hat collection.. hope the man feels better soon! Mine's got a horrible cold too!

Idee Fixe ( said...

I hope Jon is feeling better! I'm usually the one who gets sickest from playing nurse to everyone else ):

I can affirm that it is most definitely the thrill of the hunt for me! I've recently realised I have a rather sentimental, secret wish that drives my love of hunting and collecting vintage. After many years hunting, collecting, and in the vintage biz I can say with authority that you have a collection that rivals any shop (no intention to insult anyone who has a shop, I still sell on occasion as well) and I'm always amazed at everything you continue to unearth -- not only bargains, but fantastic as well!

Happy early birthday! Your birthday sounds like its right in between me (29 Nov) and my daughter (12 Dec). Its crazy here with all our birthdays within a month (husband is 29 Dec) combined with the holidays. Count in extended family and we've got 7 in this time frame, YIPES!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh nooooo! I am sorry you had to miss the fair! All because Jon had to go get himself sick huh!! *Pffftt*
I hope Jon recovers right away the flu is not fun. I got a good giggle from you calling him an Invalid. *laughs*

You look darn pretty in this outfit!

MY GOD! I wish I could rustle about in your wardrobe it looks as though it holds many delicious items.

Shewearscrazywell said...

Hope he feels better soon! Colds suck...I woke up on Turkey day with family everywhere and a sore throat! All is better now...I just took cold medicine and drank an ungodly amount of wine! Woke up better :)! I was feeling guilty about having such a full closet...but made me feel better! I love your closet...such pretty clothes! I also like your attitude of making sure you look at what you have before spending on things that aren't as good as what you've got! Love you! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I hope Jon feels better soon. What a bummer! I hate being sick. Sadly, I've been feeling a tad under the weather the past week, which may be due to stress and the freezing temps...ugh.

I love that skirt. It's divine. The shirt is also equally lovely. xoxo

hippiebohoreloaded. said...

dear vix, your head collection is so wonderful, would kill for one like that! esecially the red/burnt orange hat is such a beauty

ps said...

u look amazing

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear that Jon is poorly hope he feels better soon. Loving your outfit its very gentle and soft and pretty colours to. I would love to wade through your clothes you have an amazing amount of vintage goodies. Have a lovely week, dee xx

Pippy O' Hara said...

Vix you are wonderful. I just looooove your outfits :))


Kitty said...

the sleeves on that shirt are amazing! I know what you mean about vintage fairs, the idea of wading through hundreds of racks is too much for me too..even though I sell at them I hardly ever look at the clothes!

Clara Turbay said...

Great ideas for fashion and style.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I hpe Jon is feeling better soon, nothing worse than man flu. Isn't Sarah a sweetie that dress is gorgeous. Your style is so versatile! I think it's much more fun/cheaper to shop your own closet. I can't stand the prices at fairs and vintage shops. Like you said the thrill of the hunt makes the pieces more special.


Perdita said...

I love those pink tones on you.

I am currently coughing and generally being gross and cold-y. Yuk.

pastcaring said...

How's the invalid doing? Feeling better, I hope.
That dress is so pretty on you, Vix. I don't think of you as wearing pink very often, but it really suits you. Well chosen, Sarah!

I can completely understand that vintage fairs are not really your thing, you find so many wonderful and interesting things at much cheaper prices anyway, there's no need for you to bother. I always like to look, but only buy something if the price is right or I can't go home without it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SabinePsynopsis said...

That's so not fair! You must be the most glamorous (and unwilling) nurse in town. I'm also very annoyed by the trend of charity shops to 'pre-pick' their items... which is why I'm finding the recycling place (=skip) more and more attractive.

Hope Jon gets better soon! xoxo

La Dama said...

You look beauitiful in edwardian style outfit, love your chandelier earrings. I am admiring your polka dot skirt.
Invalid,ahahaha that made me laugh so hard.
Poor jon, you must share with us your secret to not getting a cold. I get one every year, i think cause i am not used to the cold weather here.

Mrs Munster said...

WOW. Your hat wardrobe is to die for! I looove hats, even if I don't wear them. They just somehow do not suit me - life's sooo unfair *grin*

Trees said...

This frock is so stunning on you - I really think purple suits you a lot.

I am jealous of your wardrobe to - so many colours:)

Heather said...

Oh dear I hope it wasn't the wig that made Jon sick hehehe synthetic hair can sometimes have a strange effect on the wearer lol!! Oh yes men in general do not do well when they are sick I like to hide when my hubby gets sick the whining is just not bearable !! I do hope he feels better real soon because you look amazing and you really should go out!! The pink looks really nice on you as well very pretty!! love the sleeves on this one ~Love Heather

Penny Dreadful said...

Vintage fairs aren't for me either Vix, I enjoy my bargain hunting too much. Lucky for us other people prefer pre-selected eh! I love that dress on you, what a fab pick from Sarah. You don't usually wear those colours but they look fabulous on you xx

AMINTA said...

Wooow this is perfection from head to toe!! Love the colors you have selected.. looking gorgeous!

vintage_kitten said...

I love that dress.It is adorable and you make it look beautiful.I want to play in your closet.I agree with the vintage shopping.I just went to the thrift store and got lots of cute things for 20 dollars.

DeniseAngela said...

Hope your better half feels better soon! Love the peek into your the hats too!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I swear, hand on heart, you took my breath away in this completely amazing frock. Oh the deep, ruffed cuffs, the ruffled collar and bodice! And to think it's actually attached to this entirely beautiful skirt with belt - I love how they used to make dresses to look like skirts and tops - my favourite 60/70s style. Stunning earrings and beautiful velvet boots! I know what you mean about a rummage - sometimes having everything all set and ready to sell is really overwhelming and I usually can't make it through all the stalls - I'd love a ruddy good rummage with you Vix - I reckon you'd be a Devil Woman in action!!! Hey are you going to Goa for your birthday again? I really, really need to know, ya know? xoxoxoxox

wardrobeexperience said...

this dress is so great. i love everything about it.

Effy said...

love your blog dear (:

newest follower :D

xox Effy