Friday, 16 November 2018

Block Party - For The Love of Block Prints

Ever since we visited an Ajrakh block-printing factory in Gujarat back in January (HERE) I've become more obsessed with block printed fabric than ever. You're probably aware of the huge prices vintage block printed garments command and, in the past, I've always sold the pieces I've found to fund our travels but I've come to the conclusion that I feel so damned good in my block prints that I'm going to start holding on to them, they could be our pension in years to come!

Sadly this little lot isn't mine!

Here's my small - but perfectly formed - collection of block prints.

After finding a bolt of vintage block printed cotton in a dusty old tailor's shop in Goa I handed over a dress I'd been travelling in and asked them to copy it. The dress I'm wearing to Mumbai's Prince of Wales Museumttook 24 hours to make and cost less than £20 (including the fabric). 

We're hoping to visit the Anokhi museum in Jaipur on our next trip to India so I was excited to find this vintage '80s Anokhi dress on eBay for a fiver. The yellow dress was from the same seller - I can't wait to wear it.

 Words cannot express my love for this Adini maxi dress I found in the charity clearance shop last Autumn. 

The demand for the block printed wraparound skirts we'd brought back from India for the festival season was so high that I ended up having to part with my own collection - I've only got three left now! 

The ones that got away (vintage Chelsea Girl, no less - what was I thinking?)

A Cotton Cottage purchase since sold to a festival goer!

I was going to save the Third Eye wraparound skirt to wear in India but I couldn't wait (always a sign of a successful purchase).

This wraparound is from mine and Jon's favourite ready-mades shop, Cotton Cottage. They sell exquisite hand-printed, organic cotton clothes and, luckily for us, their sale always coincides with our annual trip to India so Jon stocks up on their granddad shirts and I usually pick up a couple of maxi skirts.

Ayesha Davar's 1970s clothes often sell for ££££s so I was very excited to score this midi skirt on eBay for a bit of a bargain (I think the fact it had a 24" waist - like me- worked to my advantage!)

I bought the '70s pink cheesecloth tunic from a fellow Moseley Vintage Fair trader a couple of years ago and it's already visited Mumbai, Mangalore, Cochin and seen most of South Goa. Here it is on a visit to the splendid Fernandes House.

I've worn this Phool quilted waistcoat loads since I bought it at Vintage Village in the spring. Here's the last time it was captured on camera.

I love the ingenious construction of this Jake in India top.

I can wear it either way to show off the opposing patterns and can tie it at the front or the back.

I spotted these Anokhi pyjamas on the underwear rail in a charity shop a while ago - they're miles too big but the quality of the cotton is out of this world. They sell for daft money on eBay so maybe I should just list them and buy a pair in my size when I'm in India?

I bought the large scarf from Dr Khatri's factory and the smaller one came from a trendy shop called Happily Unmarried (that's us!) in Goa about 15 years ago.

Here's my kantha jacket - it's reversible which makes it a brilliant travel piece, two jackets in one!

Label love!!

Have a fab weekend - I'm off to cook a home grown (by me!) rainbow chard, chickpea and mushroom curry and there might well be a few drinks to accompany it. Tomorrow it's back to the decorating.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Escape To The Dolls' House - Further Adventures In Lundby Land

Real life? At the moment it's in chaos. Furniture piled up and covered with dust sheets, to-do lists as long as your arm and endless trips to the DIY superstore. Time to escape to the mini world so I'm joining Gunvald for a bottle of Swedish wine.

As promised here's a peep at dolls' house number three, my second 1970s Lundby Gothenburg. Initally I was searching eBay for an extention block to add to my other house but found this house listed locally and won it for a bargainous £20.

I thought I'd pay homage to Lundby's Swedish heritage by decorating the rooms in Josef Frank prints. Frank (1885 - 1967) was Austrian born but after fleeing the Nazis, he adopted Swedish citizenship in the 1930s. This design, Varklockor, was created in 1940.

The Lundby stereo system complete with speakers and stand has to be my favourite piece of furniture, the record player arm actually moves and the smoked glass lid is hinged so it can be closed after use.

Liv's leatherette swivel chair is the coolest thing ever. 

Granny's in the kitchen, She's making a Princess Cake, a traditional Swedish layer cake consisting of alternating layers of airy sponge cake, raspberry jam , pastry cream, and a thick-domed layer of whipped cream. She's topped it with marzipan, to give the cake a smooth rounded top.

Another avocado bathroom suite - this time I've tiled it with black mosiac tiles with a slight metallic sheen.

You've seen Liv and Axel's bedroom before.

I thought I'd sneak in whilst they were out. That's the Can Can, London dress I scored off eBay last week.

The banana leaf salon has been on my blog before HERE.

As has the basement bathroom and young Saga.

Granddad's fixing Sven's Chopper bike. 

Signe's sorting out the laundry in the utility room while Jussi the Boxer looks on.

Signe dreams of running away to the circus and escaping the domestic drugery. She's alway buying vintage circus posters from Tradera (the Swedish equivalent of eBay).

The traditional dining furniture (inherited from the in-laws) needed an injection of funkiness and this rainbow striped wallpaper by Swedish designer L. Pålemo fitted the bill nicely. 

Axel's holding the baby in the living room. He's watching a repeat of Wallander, his favourite Scandi TV crime series after The Bridge.

I've already seen this episode, The Troubled Man, so I'm getting a few tips from my Making Miniatures book.

I made Caroline's dress from a knackered sari and a couple of hair bands - she's planning on wearing it to the office party next month.

Sven's invited Ellias round for tea. He's playing him the latest Abba cassette but Ellias isn't a fan, he prefers Country & Western much to Sven's disgust.

An hour spent playing with my doll's house and my sanity has been restored. I'd better go and check if my paint has dried.

Linking to Patti & the Gang for Visible Monday. See you soon!