Sunday 1 April 2012

Happy Anniversary & Bon Voyage

It's been twenty years today since our first date.
What's changed? Jon's got less hair and stronger lenses in his specs, my blonde locks are now black and my hip's been replaced, we've lost loved ones, paid off our mortgage, packed in our jobs and swapped an unreliable old banger for an equally temperamental VW camper van. We still love travel, partying, buying other peoples' cast-offs and counting down to the summer music festivals. He's still wearing a De La Soul tee shirt and my love of platform soles and loud, retro clothing is as strong as ever.

It's been an eventful 20 years and I wouldn't do a thing any differently, he's my best mate. Bring on the next two decades.

We're almost ready to leave for Goa in the morning, our bags are packed and the cats, tortoise and house are in capable hands. We've no accommodation booked or any set plans, we'll worry about that once we've landed. We'll wind up in our favourite place eventually but fancy an adventure exploring pastures new before we reach our hippy paradise.

 I'm already feeling the chilled out holiday vibe so this psychedelic 1960s chiffon jumpsuit is perfect for taking the focus away from my Barry M free nails and lack of eye shadow.

It's a shame Jon's already padlocked the backpacks, I'm quite tempted to sneak these feather earrings into my already bulging jewellery roll.

My roots are dyed, the feather extension's back in my hair for the summer and my toenails are turquoise.

Chiffon jumpsuit (£10, ETSY), suedette platforms (£5, local retail), denim waistcoat (40p, jumble sale), beaded bag (£5, PDSA)

All that's left to do is polish off the contents of the fridge and finish the rest of the opened booze.

See you in a month.

Love you all!