Monday 31 January 2011

Blogging Changed My Life!

I had a pretty good life before but it's improved no end since I started blogging. I've been inspired, educated, amused and charmed by some wonderful women around the world and, even better, been showered with gifts. Apparently I even saved hilarious young Perdita's life last night.

Cards from some rocking ladies, Sarah Misfit, Mrs That's Not My Age and Margaret aka Penny Dreadful. The gorgeous daffodils were 31p from Asda yesterday. Sometimes a girl has to treat herself.
My postman called again this morning bearing a parcel from my darling Helga. Me and the postman are on good terms, I went out with him twenty years ago. He was a lovely bloke and a very stylishly dressed mod but at the end of the day he wanted marriage and kids, I wanted fun and frolics and I still haven't changed.

So what did the love of my life send me? This beautifully insane vintage maxi skirt for one thing. How cool is this green Vegas print?

A Kiwi fashion mag and some splendid rainbow braces.

A pretty card and a heart-shaped cocktail ring with a turquoise stone.

Some vintage tea towels and a cute oven mit.

Our Helga's a bit of a witch, she must know there's a dinner party chez Vix on Saturday night and these will come in very handy.

There's also a fab new vintage dress, but you'll have to wait to see it as it's my Saturday night frock.

Skirt (from darling Helga), 1980's jersey body (Age UK 99p), 1950's wool beret (Salvation Army 50p),
Vintage pendant (The gorgeous Amy @ Blighty Boutique), Bangles (All second-hand), Ebby, our 1970 VW Variant (eBay)

Sunday 30 January 2011

Lucky Old Me!

The postman woke me up at 7.30am yesterday with a parcel packed with treats sent all the way from Australia from the beautiful Miss Sarah Misfit. It was just the thing for clearing my booze-addled head.

I knitted the turquoise bow brooch after being inspired by the awesome Alex.
Can you believe it? A second towelling dress in less than a week! This beauty is labelled as "Prelude, Made in Australia." It's so cosy and warm I couldn't resist wearing it to the supermarket where it won a few admiring glances, I can tell you.

Knowing my love of poodles Sarah sent me this card. It's keeping my latest 1950's find company on the bedroom mantlepiece. My china poodle was 40p from the Salvation Army on Friday.

A huge cocktail ring with yellow stones and a fabulous velvet bow belt. My nails aren't painted today but it will be worn accessorised with some brightly coloured Barry M polish at some point this week.

A kangaroo scarf , two insane flower napkin rings and a pretty card.

 This 1970's brushed cotton dress is made by Len Vogue of Melbourne. If anyone knows him tell him I like his style.

Purple felt crysanthemum handmade by me.

 What a utter sweetheart Sarah is and aren't I lucky? Thanks, my darling.

Saturday 29 January 2011

We're Going Down The Pub

Despite the sub-zero temperatures we hit the town last night for beer and curry. For once I remembered my camera so I thought I'd share my favourite kind of night out.

Titanic Pale Ale at the Black Country Arms, accessorised by Barry M nail varnish and a stack of jewellery

We love our locally brewed real ale and at £2.50 a pint it beats imported lager hands down in both taste and price.

Traditional Black Country pork scratchings for the carnivores in the party (that's everyone but me).

Give us a proper boozer over a poncey wine bar any day of the week.

A traditional visit to the monstrous 24 hour Asda for cheap booze, our favourite curry house isn't licenced.
Do you like Jon's oxblood brogues? I paid 50p for them at last week's jumble sale and he's hardly taken them off since. The 1960's sheepskin was 50p from a car boot sale in the summer. Don't say I don't spoil my man!

We went retro and plumped for Mateus Rose, on offer for mere £3.59 a bottle. No point in wasting our cash on posh plonk, a pleb like me wouldn't know the difference anyway.

Liz was better prepared and brought her own from home.

Ready for an Indian wedding, a house we passed on our walk to the curry house.

Caldmore Balti House (us locals pronounce "Caldmore" as "Karma" and have done for hundreds of years).


Jon ponders the menu.

I had Gobi Bhaji (cauliflower curry with extra chilli)

Adrian had lamb tikka served on a bed of saag (spinach)

Jon and Liz went for Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi

Mmmmmm....peshwari nan (tandoori bread with coconut and dried fruit)

Gujarti spiced chips always put a smile on Jon's face......

....and Indian food (served with a bucket load of booze) always puts a smile on mine!

£32.50 for four people, who says eating out in the UK is too expensive?

Not quite as bright-eyed this morning but there's a chip butty with my name on it awaiting me in the kitchen and I'll be fit to do it all again later.

Vintage psychedelic print maxi dress (Jumble sale 40p), Rupee coin choker (Karnataka street market, India), Tods python boots (Car boot sale £7), Earrings (my darling twin, Helga)

Thursday 27 January 2011

Pleased as Punch With My Jumble Finds

It's bitterly cold and snowy here so my latest vintage fake fur coat came in very handy for keeping me cosy in the draughty Methodist church hall at this morning's monthly jumble sale.

Despite being in a very deprived area of the Black Country the congregation are generous with their donations and there's always interesting bits and pieces. Fancy a peek at some of the goodies we bagged today?

A vintage leather cartridge bag.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Knitwear galore

Retro dresses - The red linen dress is 1970's Jaeger and the prairie-style is 1980's St Michael. The electric blue number is very Princess Di.

Jon picked up this vintage jacket thinking it would suit me not realising it was 100% rabbit fur....yuk!

 1980's sewing book

Beautiful 1920's edition of The Mammoth Wonder Book

Featuring equisitite Anne Anderson illustrated colour plates....

...which I'm very tempted to remove and frame.

Masses of vintage undies and nightwear, here's a taster:

1960's Dorothy Perkins housecoat, English-made David Napier bed jacket  (I immediately thought of my gorgeous friend, Christina who has a magnificent collection of vintage nightwear but sadly it's an Extra Large) and an Empire-made cotton house coat.

Vintage curtains, ideal for sewing projects.

And my favourite find? An 1851 leather-bound edition of Punch, Or The London Chiavari published in the year of The Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace.

I studied Victorian history and politics at A Level and remain fascinated by the era.

Woman's Emancipation (Being a letter addressed to Mr Punch, with a drawing, by a strong-minded American woman)

Ladies in breeches and smoking, whatever next?

This'll keep me quiet for hours.

Dressed from head to toe in second-hand vintage finds: 1960's faux fur coat, heeled brogues, revamped gent's dress pants, Country Casuals ribbon belt, Dollyrockers silk blouse.