Friday, 16 November 2012

If The Cap Fits

So much for "nothing stopping me" going to Thursday's car boot sale. Faced with fog so thick we couldn't see the door step and a sickly cat, all plans for a rummage got put on hold for a mercy dash to the vets. 

The poor lad suffers with sensitive skin and after an injection and course of steroids he's almost back to his naughty old self already.

Not to worry though, we made do with a trip to town instead and I managed to snaffle this 1960s Welsh Tweed cap, big enough to fit my massive head (and all my hair, too).

Looks like I'm in good company, too. Here's some cool 1960s chicks in similarly floppy caps.

Images found by fellow hippy chick, Lovely Bohemia

Contrary to what you might think, it's not all shopping and dressing up around here.Last night, just by way of a change, I made an exhibit of myself.

Liz, her Mum and brother have an art exhibition on and we popped in to the opening which was a roaring success, Liz even sold a painting (but not the one of me). I thought I'd give the Edwardian-does-the-1970s maxi Terri sent me an outing. 

We're being good this weekend and keeping the booze to a minimum in readiness for Sunday's vintage fair. We will be out in town just not as badly behaved as we usually are (famous last words).

I've finally got round to setting up a Facebook page & I'll pimping my wares over on there until our website goes live in 2013. If you see anything that takes your fancy just let me know. Our merchandise is just like us, well over 25 years old, cheap and cheerful.

Welsh Tweed cap by Western of Wales (£1.95, British Heart Foundation), Bus Stop knickerbockers (£4.50, eBay), 1970s Crimplene blazer (£5, Vintage Village @ Clothes Show Live, 2011), Suedette platforms (£5, local boutique)
Have a fabulous weekend.
See you soon.


Kelly said...

Glad the gorgeous boy is feeling better.
And I will get liking that Facebook page, and no doubt get purchasing. :)

makinggooduse said...

Glad to hear your cat is feeling more chipper today. Off to check out your Facebook page, now.

edie pop said...

I adore floppy caps and yours is amazing as much as the ones that all my favourite icons are wearing! That photo of Anita and Keith is wonderful!!I'm sorry for the little cat, I hope he's fine now!Congratulations for your new online shop, the clothes are high quality Vintage items and it's hard to find such treasures anywhere, I already got an eye on two or three things that I'd like to buy!
Liz's painting in the background is stunning and so its model!Everything you are wearing is flawless, the velvet knickerbockers (even if it's a difficult name is the same we use here!)and the maxi!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love xxxx

Connie said...

So funny. Well over 25, cheap & cheerful. Love that. It's so tough when the pets get sick. It just breaks my heart & knocks me out. Glad the cat's back at it!

Love from Poppy said...

What a striking blazer Vix. I love how pink it is x

carrievintage said...

stunning outfit, I like pants and shoes <3 <3 <3

Krista said...

What is with the sick kitties! I'm glad she is feeling better, poor baby! Yah the knickers made another appearance, I adored these the first time you wore them and with the pink blazer and new tweed hat it so cute and I bet warm too. The shape on this hat is a favorite of mine and you are looking so sweet in it!

Holy moly that painting Liz did of you is so killer! That gal has all kind of skills. You both look just beautiful in that photo! It's about time you started selling your wares to us, we are hungry for it my dear! YAH for the new facebook page and I can't wait until you open you shop, 2013 can't get here fast enough!

Iloveyougirl!!!!!Good luck on Sunday!!!

Alexandra said...

So glad your cat is on the mend! I love your cap. Have a great weekend xx

Rachael said...

I adore your knickerbockers Vix! What fun, especially in that grey shade too and my do you look pretty on a canvas too!

pastcaring said...

Now that is a photo of a pissed off cat! Poor Stephen Squirrel, give him a chuck under the chin from me, and tell him his separated-at-birth twin sister Minnie here in Sheffield hopes he feels better soon!
Great cap, and I love the collage of groovy 60s chicks. Oh those Bus Stop knickerbockers look so amazing on you!
I adore Liz's painting of you, they are obviously a highly talented family. Love your maxi from Terri, and Liz's dress is a stunner too.
Lots of luck with your Facebook selling, the website plans, and Sunday's fair - absolutely nothing wrong with being old, cheap and cheerful, love! xxxxx

señora Allnut said...

love your cap and how it matches so nicely with your knickerbockers to create a very 70's newspaper-boy outfit!, and love your pink jacket indeed!
wish you luck with all that fabulous plans, they sound great!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You just find the most amazing stuff. I'm sure your website is going to be such a success, just like your stall. Your knickerbockers are fantastic! The painting of you is wonderful, really interesting. Xxxx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Glad to read that your moggy is better and I'm liking that Edwardian look too - in both photos; you could have called your post 'Knickerbocker Glory'!

I've 'Liked' your Facebook page already and am looking forward to checking out the website next year. xxx

c... said...

Im glad that the cat is doing alright . It hurts when the animals are sick,
You look fab as always !

Style Sud-Est said...

Poor cat! hope he feels better !
Love your vintage shop on Facebook by the way, you so many nice things

Love your cap, i have a similar one, in plaid, maybe i will do a post with my cap, you inspired me

Can we see Liz's paintings ?

Have a great weekend

Ariane xxx

Ivy Black said...

I know! What's occurring with this fog? It was like being stuck in a horror film today at school....even more than usual!
I love a cap. You can't go wrong and it really suits you.
I love that that painting of you...what a talent Liz is.
Have a great weekend.

Annie said...

I love those knickerbockers, and they go brilliantly with the fab cap and jacket.

Glad your cat is getting better, it's a real worry when they're not well.

Liz is so talented, and you both look beautiful in the photo.

Off to Facebook now. Have a fab weekend! xxx

Annie said...

I love those knickerbockers, and they go brilliantly with the fab cap and jacket.

Glad your cat is getting better, it's a real worry when they're not well.

Liz is so talented, and you both look beautiful in the photo.

Off to Facebook now. Have a fab weekend! xxx

Paula lalaboo said...

I love a groovy cap that style is just so timeless.

Poor pussy cat hope he is feeling better soon. He does look rather fed up poor thing.

Your friend Liz is a real talent the painting of you is amazing as is that outfit you were wearing just love your jacket. *sigh* and with that dress it just looks amazing.

Good luck with your facebook store and opening your online shop in the new year. And of course for your fair on Sunday.

Have a rocking weekend.

P x

Jules said...

OMG vix way to go with the website!! If you want me to write an article for you then let me know!! :-)
And your cat looks like my cat who died earlier this year, glad to hear your little one's feeling better!
Have a fab weekend yourself!

Nat said...

And the cap does fit you... very well indeed! What a beautiful cat you have... so glad he is on the mend :-)
Have a fab weekend too!

Janice Tutone said...

Truly a hip & unique outfit that you look great wearing! XXX

The Style Crone said...

Loving the 60's tweed cap; one of my favorite styles and you do have great company from years past. The Bus Stop knickerbockers couldn't be more perfect with the headwear and adding the pink blazer is pure genius.

Lyosha said...

great hat and pants! have a great weekend!

Inside and Outside Blog

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Nuffink worse than an itchy pussy! Glad he's getting better. Good luck with the fair tomorrow :D

Mum said...

Poor puss, so glad he's getting better. Have a great fair.
Love from Mum

Trudie said...

I highly doubt that you have the massive head you suggest. Seriously I don't think anyone can beat my hubby's noggin, my hand looks like a baby's hand against his head. You're head looks perfectly normally and ultra cool in the tweed cap. I love knickerbockers reminds me of a pair from my childhood. Will be popping over to your FB page or sure. X

rosyragpatch said...

Glad your cat is getting better.
I love your jacket & maxi dress. Fantastic outfit.

joyatri said...

Except for the poor sick kitty (I hope he's all better soon), there's so many things to be happy about in this post. You certainly belong in the pantheon of cool 1960s chicks with that funky cap. Congratulations to Liz on her exhibit and for even selling one of her artworks. That black jacket and purple maxi are two of my most favorite items of yours, and they look great together!
Look at you getting all professional with Facebook page and soon to be website! Looking forward to hearing Kinky Melons plans for vintage-fashion-world domination.

Louise Mc said...

Oh Vix, you know my adoration of Welsh tweed, what a delicious find the hat is. Our Alfie is having similar skin problems and has just been put on a special vets diet. I've been saying I'll set up a facebook page for months, still not got around to it, lazy bugger lol. Have a great weekend. X

Amie K said...

that painting of you is incredible! You look fabulous too. Love it! Loving that cap as well! I am the other way-I've got a pin head so normally hats spin round on my head like a plate on a stick but I've recently found a bowler I love which actually fits-whoopee!!

Much love Amie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie - CGDN said...

argh the fogggg! Glad your cat is on the mend. I have the opposite hat problem, my head is too small! x

Trees said...

Sorry to hear your kitty wasn't well but glad he's on the mend now. Very cute hat, I love hats but rarely wear them for some reason. I can't wait till your store is online:D

The Brunette said...

aww I am glad your little lad is better he is looking so cute.

You look great as always that pink is stunning x

lucy joy said...

I too have a large head, I've lost count of the gorgeous hats I've had to put back because you can't squeeze a skull into shape!

I am so happy to see that fantastic painting again. It's such a peaceful scene. You almost look more still and focussed than the flowing curtains and dummy. It seems to capture industrious peace and contentment perfectly.

Well, back to that hat - it is a smasher. The shape and fabric instantly transporting you to the days of style and quality.

I'm not on Facebook, even name is. But the website will get PLENTY of hits from me.
Get well soon poorly SS and hope you fill that piggy bank on Sunday.

I saw a hideous knitted jumper today in lilac with Christmas trees, holly and snowmen on it.

It screamed 'hipster'. I was going to buy it for your stall, but it was priced at fifteen quid! The most expensive item in.the charity shop.

Love the pink, I remember last time you wore it. Have a great weekend

Lucy x

triskelos said...

The painting is absolutely bautiful! Congrats!)
And thank you for the bunch of inspirational 60th photos)

Veshoevius said...

Baker Boy caps are my favourite types of caps! Love the pink flowery blazer and that velvet jacket you've got on with the maxidress is divine!

Lucy Nation said...

I too have a large head. It has scuppered me so many times. I think it's great that you're going to sell vintage online. I will await the website with eager anticipation as I am not on Facebook either:(

Have a great weekend xxx

menopauselsupermodel said...

Oh, poor kitty!! Glad he's on the mend!

LOVe you in the knickers and cap--Now I need a cap like that!!!

Wow on the painting-you are a work of art on canvas and real life!!

I'm loving your new facebook page!!

Terri said...

Hope the kitty is back to his/her kitty self by now. I'm catching up on two weeks of missed blog posts and what a delight to see you in the purple Edwardian!

Shubhi said...

I don't know what's more darling, the cat or the cap!
He's supercute, hope he recovers from his injections soon!


Helga! said...

O,darling Stephen, poor baby!
He'll be back to his usual antics in no time, I'm sure!!!
Crikey, a cap that fits?! Most excellent! It's rather fab, and aren't you just in great company?!
That painting of you is awesome! Liz is a talented bloody wench!!! Yay for selling a pinting,even if it wasn't the one of you,that's HUGE!
Hahahha, famous last words indeed...that's always when I get the most fucked up, just when I'm not planning on it!!!
Rock those damned knickernbokers like a ROCKSTAR, why don't you?!
You're DIVOON, my darling!
Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

Ronnie (RR) said...

Love love the hat, I had one just like it which I wore all the time, even in the bath!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I wish I could give the cute cat some shrimps. Whats the name of your facebook-account?

CityScape Skybaby said...

So many good things in this blog Vix, I don't know where to start, love your knickerbockers and your lilac maxi and the beautiful painting of you by your friend, you must have had a good time posing while she painted. I'm jealous of you finding a hat that fits as my head is also too large for most hats except knitted ones that stretch over it! I'm looking forward to visiting your Facebook page though I will have to resist temptation until after Christmas, though maybe I'll find a few family prezzies there. xx

Kezzie said...

Awesome hat! Love the knickerbockers too! Hope the cat is ok xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I will be checking out your page.
Hope you have a fabulous time.

Melanie said...

I hope your kitty is back to being naughty again, it's such a worry when a furbaby is poorly xxx

mrsmsmeanderings said...

Fabulous cap, Vix - and I hope Puss is making a speedy recovery - bless him! xx

mrsmsmeanderings said...

Fabulous cap, Vix - and I hope Puss is making a speedy recovery - bless him! xx

Heidi-likes said...

Love our vintage style, hope your ktty gets well soon! X

Punk Glam Queen said...

I'm glad kitty is better! Love your new cap, it looks marvelous on you! I have a few but don't wear them as much as I used to, my old bat head needs her ears covered in the cold! Hey, seeing the pic of Keith and family -- we watched "Crossfire Hurricane" last night. Loved seeing all the really old footage, and it was interesting how they did the film. I'm sure you'd enjoy it. Good luck with the fair this weekend, sell LOADS! XXX

wardrobeexperience said...

awesoem painting! ha, and i love to see you in your knicker's again. those pants are made for you. the cap as well.

Mary Lou said...

oh poor kitty, glad that it feels better now!
and i adore your cap, just bought a similar one that week, they look absolutely amazing and those knickerbockers look gorgeous on you too!
love and kiss,mary

Lynn Dylan said...

Glad kitty cat is getting better! Love your hat, and the one a couple of posts back! I am playing catch-up yet again!!! And the Stones. My dad bought me their first album all those years ago and I played it on a little square record player in my room. Ha ha!!


vintage_kitten said...

the vintage fair sounds so fun.I wish we had things like that here.Going to my same shops things I want are becomming you look so cute.xx

A Certain Vintage said...

oh happy to see the facebook page and hear about the website! the knickerbockers are so lovely and the shoes i adore! how flattering to be painted :)

Kitty said...

Can you do no wrong? Oh wait, no you can't!! Hope todays fair went well for you, with an outfit like this they'd have been lining up for your styling advice, yeh?!

Fiona said...

Poor old puss cat! Glad to hear he is better now. Love your welsh tapestry cap, a fab bargain and in BHF too! It looks brilliant with your grey knickerbockers and platforms. Did you see BBC2 Stones night last night, some of the old footage was astonishing and hilarious too by today's standards.
Liz's picture of you is amazing, how talented is she ? Hope the fair went well.

Devil made in Heaven said...

I hope your kitty is doing fine now. Overhere the kitty's and doggy's also come on the first place. :) I love your cap. It suits you very good. My head is a big to small for such caps. I've had one and I was looking very funny with it. :s
I love the seventies maxi you where wearing to the exhibition. And also the dress Liz is wearing is gorgeous. Great that she sold a painting.
xxx Have a wonderfull evening.

Elise said...

Wow you're in a painting, that's awesome! :)

delia hornbook said...

Love the painting of you and your facebook page looks brilliant loving the name. You look gorgeous love you in the pink jacket. Hope the little one is feeling much better now. dee xxx

Lou said...

Eeee a website for your vintage things!! Oh I can finally live my dream of wearing more Vix-like clothes! x

pao said...

awww, of course everything stops for an ailing kitty. Glad to hear it was something quick to mend. And it all ended with you finding a great cap to top it off! ooo and a facebook page and upcoming website. You are in business, Ms. Vix.

Misfits Vintage said...

Knickerbockers and crimplene and caps, oh my - you are BEAUTIFUL amor! The painting is amazing and you look GORGEOUS in the fabulous velvet jacket and maxi. Isn't Liz talented! So glad for Kinky Melon's success - I will take one of everything please!!! Love you more than shopping! Sarah xxx

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I'm glad your pretty pussy cat is feeling better.
I LOVE that welsh tapestry hat! What a great bargain! x