Friday, 13 August 2010

Festival Fun!

As promised, some of last weekend's Big Chill highlights.

Random Art

Sri Lankan artiste MIA (Not familiar? You'll know her from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack)

MIA asked for fans to join her on stage for Paper Planes and ended up with an invasion so huge the entire show was stopped.

The old boy celebrating his birthday in the company of Howard Marks and New Order/Joy Division's Peter Hook

We bared all for a Spencer Tunick naked photoshoot - I'm the one in yellow. Immortality beckons.

Big Chill? Friday was so darned cold we needed woolly hats

Sunday afternoon sunshine chilling to the Magic Numbers and Morcheeba

Falling in love with Mike Patton all over again. Lead singer with Faith No More, performing with Mondo Cane and singing Italian pop classics from the 1950's and 1960's accompanied by a 30-piece orchestra. Gorgeous bloke, outstanding voice, retro sound.....highlight of my weekend. 

Outdoor frolics equal nightmare hair, headbands and hats are the only way to go.

After the leotard accessorised with a couple of hot air balloons at Glasto I was a tad disappointed with Paloma Faith's Quality Street frock but she was fun.

Just about time for our livers to recover until we hit the Green Man festival in 6 days time.


simplyvintage said...

Looks like you had a great time, you look absolutely gorgeous in that pink mini

LaaLaa said...

Looks great. Am jealous that you saw Morcheeba! What a treat. You look fantastic as always. xxx

Kandi said...

That is an awesome photo of you in the pink frock you look amazing!!
Looks like fun time was had by all, including the naked photos, how brave it looked chilly :)
Kandi x

VintageVicki said...

Looks like a great weekend :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

love the pink dress and ur green nail color..u are having too much fun:-)

Nefertiti said...

ca devait etre d enfer ;O)

The Brunette said...

aww you look lovely as ever and that pink dress is just stunning on you. xx

Anonymous said...

Vix you look amazing as usual - good to see your fantastic smile.

Elaine X

The Goddess of Boho said...

Vixen! This is the happiest you've ever look on your blog. i want to see detailed picture of that outfit. It looks insanely bohemian!
Btw, the bindi looks terrific on you :)


MyStyle said...

Hi there-lucky you, sounds like you've had such a fabulous time, those pics are just lovely!! Well done on the century style challenge too, thoroughly enjoyed this series and you did it so authentically and with such chic too!!

Lou said...

These pictures actually brought tears to my eyes - you just look so happy.

Beautiful photos! I love your festival follow-ups. Keep them coming!

Lou x -

Lavender hearts said...

you look stunning as always, i read about the art thingy in the evening standard and my first thought was that you'd do it! :-)

vintage birdy ♥ said...

love the pink dress! you look amazing, and so happy too! :')

im passing you the I Heart Your Blog award. :D

{no, it's not about birds}

shari @ little blue deer said...

Get on! This looks like SO much fun, Vix, wow! MIA, Peter Hook, Paloma Faith all in one place? Amazing! And I had no idea that Mike Patton was doing that now, last I remember about Faith No More was "We Care A Lot." You look gorgeous in the Bindi, LOVED this post so much! Felt like I was there! XO!

Kimberellie said...

wow, that looks like SO MUCH FUN! Love the nail polish and yes yes yes to that pink dress!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I can't believe you were part of the naked art!!!

Cara said...

You are too amazing. I love the first picture; you look so happy! And the random sharks.
OMG. The photoshoot hahaha omg.
I love your pink dress <3

x x x x

Frugal Life UK said...

so vix? did you all stand there with knobs and norks out and get spray painted? or with brushes?

pip a la chic said...

I love the first photo of you. you look so happy and gorgeous. I hope Ben and I will be like you and John, still going to festivals. I think we will as we love music as much as you guys do.
I saw MIA at a Sydney festival a few years ago and she did the same thing...but there wasn't as many people on the stage. :)

E is for Eleanor said...

You look so happy and beautiful in all these photos! :D

I love Mike Patton and Peter Hook and MIA! Looks brilliant! x

Tanvi said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Love the first picture of yours! :) Happy Weekend!!!

Kel said...

I love MIA but silly girl for asking for "guests" looking for trouble!

I can't believe you are art!! lucky you.

You look beautiful in all photos.


Rebecca said...

You look so happy in your photographs, it looks like you had a lovely time! I'm very jealous :)
What was everybody painted with and how on earth would you get it off afterwards?! hehe x

Oscar said...

I'm so glad you saw Mondo Cane! Of all of Patton's projects, this one in particular has really stirred my interest. Glad you had fun!

Sam Harvey said...

i love mia! you look so gorgeous in the pink shift and black boots. you are beyond fashionably cool and hip. this is just a slice of heaven to be a part of. hugs from the land of cowboys and fat quail.

Bonnie said...

Hi, couple of look like you are having a freaking good that pic of you and Jon in the head gear...hope Jon had a fun b/ are rocking that pink dress and look so happy...I recognized you in that nude photo shoot, you're wearing yellow right?
You look like you had an awesome time and you look awesome. Thanks for sharing!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

How fun! It looks like a great time. I love all the pics where you are smiling. You have such a beautiful smile! :)

Psychedelicsister said...

That looks like it was a blast! And I have to say that you look like a 60's goddess in that pink dress. Love love love it.

Helga! said...

Ooo,Mike Patton-yum!!
You look so divine!!! O!! Loving the pink number,of course!What a fabulous festival!
Don't worry about drying out the livers before the next one,you have to keep them primed,and continue to give 'em a work out!!!

LOVE HelgaxxxXXXxxx

WoodbankCrafts said...

Great festival pics :), would love to go to one some day x

Caroline said...

Looks like you had loads of fun - and sounds like Jon celebrated his b'day with an eclectic selection of individuals! You look gorgeous in that pink dress, Vix xx

LadyBugSays ... said...

Looks like you had a great time and the rain stayed away! Love your floral headband!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hiya Vix,
Love your blog - looks like you had a mad day out with your other half!! Thanks for dropping by my blog - I've just looked at your style challenge and what a fantastic idea! I'm going to look back at your old posts and check out the previous decades:) xo

WeShop said...

This looks like a brilliant weekend. You look fab in your pink dress. Love the MIA song from Slumdog. I also really loved the film Control about Joy Division - not sure how accurate it is, but an incredibly moving film. xx

Dusk said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!! You in that pink dress!!! and I LOVE the first pic!!! and I've got that matt green polish on too!!! and you are suh a breath f fresh flair Vix.
...i will be back to comment a bit more on this post, haven't read it through properly just doing a flyby... xo

Veshoevius said...

looks like fun and like the weather was at least dry if not warm!

Alice said...

I just adore your pink mini dress! It is so lovely, you look so amazing.
It sure does look like you had a wonderful time at this festival.

Ohh and Jacqueline Wilson will always be my favourite author however old I get, in my opinion I think her books can be read by anyone, not just kids. I do have a funny little thing about books, I am awfully lazy with reading, I find I can read a book by her in the space of a few hours, that’s probably why I enjoy them so much! If you see one on your travels, you should definitely give one a read :)

And again AMAZING dress xx

RETRO REVA said...

ooohhhh!!!!! You got to pose in that wonderful photo!!!! So awesome! You are living my dream life :) Not complaining, though! I am very happy to be alive and pretty well right now. Getting into charity work and living a day at a time.
When the photos are released, please let me know. I must get one ;) It so neat that you are Yellow as well ;)

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Vix,
Good on you for baring all, it must have felt very liberating!
I did some nude modelling for an art college class many moons ago & even though at first I felt uncomfortably exposed & somewhat embarrassed I have to admit that the experience left me feeling strangely empowered.
You guys are just the hippest couple!
I hope Jon didn’t mind you drooling over Mike Patton…he’s a saucepot & a half that one, yum!
I’m definitely saving a few pennies for next year…it’s high time hubby & I break into new pastures and I’d love to hang out with you for a bit at a festival, that would just be super swell!

Caroline said...

You always look so cool!

I love Mike Patton. I didn't realise he was so popular still.


Disco Goth said...

Briliant pics! It feels a bit weird that I haven't done a 'proper' festival this year, I'm already saving my pennies for next year! zz

Vintage Vixen said...

Yeah! Getting naked with 700 other like-minded volunteers was rather liberating and fun. The paint was in individual tubs, applied by hand to ourselves.
At first we all went out of our way to avoid any accidental body contact but once painted we all started helping others apply paint to areas they'd missed.
Can't wait to receive the limited edition print that Spencer promised each of us.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Vix, that looks like lots of fun. I'm loving the pink mini dress and headband look xx

Candycane said...

How bizarre I only watched a documentary film about Spencers "Naked States" last night .. so cool!!!

And only just been watching some of Mondo Cane on youtube!!

Such coincidences!!

I LOVE your pink dress and boots outfit - you look great!

Sal xXx